Big “Buts” Sabotage Weight Loss, Health and Fitness (Part 9 of 12)

“Yeah, But It Takes Too Much Time”Your life is busy. The food you prepare and eat now is the same food that you have been preparing and eating for years. It takes little time and no extra effort. You like that–quick and mindless.Sure. You would love to explore the ideal way of eating to promote and maintain health–yours and your family’s. But where would you find the time to not only learn about this new way of eating, but also to shop for and prepare those foods.The thought boggles your brain so you give up before you even try.Amazingly enough, once you learn which foods are the best foods to eat, it takes less time and less effort to shop for and prepare those meals. Food shopping evolves into a list-less no-brainer and preparation is minimal.How much thought and time does it take to shop for, wash and cut up vegetables to make a large salad or to steam? How much effort does it take to wash an apple or two, open your mouth, bite down, and chew? When it comes to saving time, fruit and some vegetables are the fastest fast foods there are.Furthermore, in the whole scheme of things, what takes more time–shopping and preparing plant-based meals or spending hours and even days or months receiving treatment for some condition or disease that resulted from the lack of good nutrition?Eating correctly, just like exercise, doesn’t take time–it gives you time, when it counts, at the end of your life.Not only that, eating correctly and daily exercise enhance your ideal weight, optimum level of energy, health and fitness, and the quality of every precious moment that life offers you.